prayer Partners:

Prayer Partners: Thank YOU!! Our ministries appreciate your prayers. As we continue to expand we continue to need your prayer support. Update: May 2, 2016

Our ministries are:
Minnesota Miracles Ministry (MMM)
International Healing & Restoration Ministries (IHRM)
Bible Study and Books Nonprofit (BSBN)
Church on the Streets (COTS)
St Paul Bible College (SPBC)
Come to the Fountain TV (CTTF)
Christian Singles Connection (CSC/MMM)
CSC-Minneapolis/St Paul - 982 people
CSC-Dallas - 414 people
CSC-New York - 150 people
CSC-Los Angeles - 137 people
Ministry of the Arts, Discipleship & Recovery (MMM) - 409 people
Single Life in the Twin Cities (MMM) - 584 people
Twin Cities Apostolic Center - Revival Hub (TCAC/MMM)
The King's Well Discipleship Homes (MMM)

Resources Needed:

TV Recording Editors - Come to the Fountain TV

Editors for Books & Bible Studies - Bible Study and Books Nonprofit

TV Recording Equipment - Sound Systems - Computers Updated

Finances for Bibles & Printing 

Church Building & Homes

Our ministry would like to expand by adding discipleship homes and since we are a revival hub we would also like a large church building for meetings. Homes are also desired to hold meetings. If you are in the position to assist us, our main focus has always been to win the lost for Christ.

Proverbs 11:30 says "He that winneth souls is wise." 

Thank you for your continued prayer support.
Apostle Julie Hartigan, Rev. 

Volunteers Needed:
(1) Curriculum Assistant - St Paul Bible College (SPBC) - Assist with reviewing our videos and preparing video case studies, quizzes, and tests;
(2) Seamstress for sewing ministry banners - Minnesota Miracles Ministry (MMM);
(3) Creative Assistant - making circle word puzzles - Bible Study and Books Nonprofit (BSBN);
(4) Gospel tract devotional writing - Bible Study and Books Nonprofit (BSBN);
(5) Completion of our 1 year Bible reading plan - Bible Study and Books Nonprofit;
(6) Database data entry - International Healing & Restoration Ministries (IHRM);
(7) Intercessors - prayer partners
(8) Evangelists;
(9) Discipleship Assistants;
(10) Editors;
(11) Computer Assistant - formatting edited work for uploading to Amazon.com;
(12) Mailing Assistant for bulk mail and for mailing gospel tract mailings;
(13) TV ministry - onsite camera operators, editors, and filming directors;
(14) Volunteer Coordinator;
(15) Outreach teams;
(15) Bible Study Leaders; and
(15) Ministers
These volunteer positions are unpaid and volunteers must pass a background check, give a purity commitment to the Lord (and to our ministry) and assist to build the kingdom of God.

Sincerely, Apostle Julie Hartigan, Rev.



Mondays 5-9pm (includes dinner)                                   11106 Sunset Trail Plymouth, MN 55441

word of the Lord:

Word of the Lord: I hear the Lord saying that He is raising up an army of Generals in this place. He is raising up an army of Generals in this place. But take it not light of the assignment I have given you. For much change shall come in the world because of your obedience to the call. Because of your obedience much change has taken place in the atmosphere, in the heavens. Because of your obedience many breakthroughs shall come. Because of your obedience yokes have been destroyed. Because of your obedience many are able to hear and to see. Because of your obedience. But take it not lightly. But take it not light, says the Lord. --Apostle Anatha at our Come to the Fountain TV recording conference July 11, 2015. --Apostle Julie Hartigan, Rev., General



Twin cities---REVIVAL HUB---expanding

WE are LOOKING FOR Larger Homes or Buildings for meetings



Disciples 763-544-7700 (Link)                                             

Our ministries welcome you to our website and we invite you to take part in our events, services, classes, and conferences. One way we honor the Lord is by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our hope that you will find Jesus Christ as your savior if you are not yet born-again. 

If you would like to volunteer in one of our ministries please give us a call at 763-544-7700.

Sincerely, Apostle Julie Hartigan, Rev., General